Frimed Medizintechnik GmbH

Top quality products

Achieving and maintaining the highest standards of quality calls for the right blend of tradition and innovation. It is our combination of manual skills with the latest CNC technology that allows us to continually improve existing products. In this way we always keep pace with the times, recognise new requirements at an early stage, and develop our instruments to meet the latest challenges.

And here our quality aspirations begin with the materials. We accept no compromises and use almost exclusively corrosion-resistant chromium-based steels. Quality controls continue unbroken through the entire production process.
This guarantees the outstanding product and model uniformity of FRIMED instruments.

Annually recurring audits and re-certifications by the MDC ensure that we comply with all requirements of the current, relevant standards.

For simple identification and for the purpose of replacement, all instruments supplied by FRIMED are marked with their article number, and of course with the CE mark.

We are certified

Quality means that the customer returns but the goods do not.